How To Check Aadhar Card Status – Check / Enquiry Aadhar Update Status Online

By | December 27, 2018

How To Check Aadhaar Card Status: Aadhaar card is a unique identity for every individual. It is a transparent and it is most services are online.

How To Check Aadhar Card Status – Check / Enquiry Aadhar Update Status Online. Visit to check aadhaar card status online, fill the required fields as mentioned on the website such as name, enrolment no and date/time given on acknowledgement slip. Check e aadhar card status? search aadhar status by name? enquiry? status by phone & Name?  UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) has released the Aadhar Card Address Proof for Indian People.  All Indian People who have applied for Aadhar Card can check their Aadhar Card Status, Update e Aadhar Card and Download Aadhar Card. First of all, the applicant needs to find the nearest Enrolment Centre to choose his/her State Name, District Name and Area.  The applicant needs to submit his/her documents such as Photo, Bio Metric Details at the Aadhar Enrolment Centre.  The Aadhar Card will be available on Portal after a few days.

Candidates who have applied for the Aadhar Card can check their Aadhar Card Status easily.  It can be done through the UIDAI’s portal as well as through phone via message text message.  Both the process is simple and free to use.

In order to track the status of Aadhar Card, an acknowledgement slip from Aadhar Enrolment Centre will be provided to the applicant. Using this slip the applicant can check his/her Aadhar card status online.  The status can be checked offline as well. In order to check the status online, he/she just have to provide his/her enrolment number at UIDAI website to track UIDAI Aadhar status.

There are few ways below to check your Aadhar card enrolment status online with or without your mobile number.

Aadhar Card Status – How to Check Aadhaar Card Updates Online

The applicant shall visit UIDAI’s official website.  On visiting the website, the applicant can check the status of their Aadhar card free of cost. That means all services are free, no fee/charge is applicable to check the status of your Aadhar card on the UIDAI’s official website (

The following steps can be followed by the applicant to check his/her Aadhar Card Status Online.

Step 1:- Go to the UIDAI official website of Aadhar card (

Check Aadhar Status

Step 2:- Click on “check Aadhar status”, here go on to click Aadhar Online services < Aadhar enrolment < Check Aadhar status. The applicant can also directly visit the page with the link ( to check your Aadhar card status.

Check Aadhar Status Stape 2

Step 3:- Provide your 14 digits enrolment id in the specified column in the following format EID (0124/12322/33134). The applicant will have to fill date and time in the next blank space.  The format to fill date and time of enrolment from the enrolment slip in the blank space is like (dd/mm/yyyy/hh:mm: ss). The next step is to enter the Security code displayed on the screen. Fill the security code and click on the “check status” button.  At the top of the Aadhar card slip, there is 14 digit enrolment number, date, time of enrolment.  It is a temporary enrolment ID called EID.

Step 4:- If in case your Aadhar is generated then you will get a message regarding about it and you will get an option to download your e-Aadhar online or you will receive it on your registered mobile number.

Step 5:- The applicant will get a download option if you want to download your e-Aadhar hit on download Aadhar option.

Step 6:- The applicant can also get an option “get Aadhar on mobile”, in case you want it to download in your mobile click on that option.

Check Aadhaar Card Status


Steps to verify mobile/phone number online:

Candidates can also check their Aadhar Card status through the mobile number.  The mobile number of the applicant should be verified first.

Follow the various steps through which the mobile number of the applicant can easily be verified.

Step 1:- Go to the Official website of UIDAI (

Step 2:- Here you will find at the bottom of the screen, the option “Aadhar services” which displays a link to enrolment/download e-Aadhar update.  Click on the link to proceed further.

Step 3:- You will automatically be directed to Aadhar kiosk by clicking on the above-mentioned option.

Step 4:- There are many options on the screen like Aadhar enrolment, Aadhar update and status check.

Step 5:- Since the applicant is here to verify the mobile number, the applicant will have to click on “Verify e-mail/mobile” option, which appears on the right side of the screen.

Step 6:- Again the applicant will be automatically directed to a new page where an option will be generated to verify your mobile number.

Step 7:- Here the applicant needs to fill certain details such as12 digit Aadhar number and either e-mail or the mobile number.

Step 8:- The candidate will then find a security code flashing on the screen.  Enter the security code that you see on the screen and then click on the option “generate verification code”.

Step 9:- Immediately the applicant will be delivered a message on the given mobile number. Enter that verification code to move forward.

Step 10:- At last hit on “Verify” option that is at the bottom of the web page to complete the verification process.

The applicant can also visit an Aadhar centre. The applicant can provide his/her biometric details and find Aadhar or enrolment number.

Steps to check Aadhar Card Status through mobile number:

In order to check the Aadhar status through a mobile number that you register for the UIDAI Aadhar and follow these steps to check your Aadhar Card Status:-

Step 1:- Type the following message by your registered mobile number. “UID STATUS <14 digit enrolment number>” and send it to 51969.

Step 2:- If your Aadhar has been generated, the applicant receives a message on their verified mobile number that contains Aadhar number.

Step 3:- And if it doesn’t contain your Aadhar number that means it contains the current status of your Aadhar.

Download Aadhaar by Aadhaar no.

How to check Aadhar card status without Acknowledgement or Enrolment details?

When the process of verification of mobile number verification is successfully completed, the applicant will receive an acknowledgement slip. On that acknowledgement slip the applicant will see the details of his/her Aadhar (enrolment number, date and time) and if in any case or by reason that slips gets damaged, misplaced, and the acknowledgement number forgotten is by the applicant, he can still track the status of his/her Aadhar card, just by following the below mentioned steps:

Step 1:- First of all visitors to the UIDAI official website (

Step 2:- Click on “Aadhar services” link. The applicant can even you directly visit the page for Aadhar services (

Step 3:- Now you will click on the “Find UID/EID” option.

Step 4:- Now applicant gets an option to find his/her Aadhar number or lost enrolment number.

Step 5:- In the next step, the applicant will be asked to fill details such as name, email ID, mobile number to send OTP.  Fill in the details on the page like full name, e-mail ID and the registered mobile number.

Step 6:- Enter that security code that has appeared on the screen (security code is case sensitive).

Step 7:- After that click on the button “Get OTP”.

Step 8:- The OTP will either be received on your verified e-mail ID or on the mobile number. Fill the specified blank space by the received OTP.

Step 9:- Hit on “Verify OTP” option.

Step 10:- When the process is complete and the verification is done. The Aadhar enrolment number is directly sent to the applicant’s registered mobile number or on the e-mail ID of the applicant.

Steps to check Aadhar card status by your enrolment number:

  1. You can check your e-Aadhar card status online as well as offline.
  2. The applicant can also call on the Aadhar card status enquiry phone number 1947 to check whether the Aadhar card is generated or not.
  3. Once the process of enrolment has been completed, the applicant must follow the below steps to check the Aadhar status through enrolment number.
    1. Visit the UIDAI official website (
    2. You can directly visit the page for Aadhar services (
    3. Now enter the 14 digit enrolment number and same 14 digits time and date values of enrolment.
    4. Fill the security code section by the security code that is given on the screen.
    5. The applicant is going to definitely get the status of your Aadhar card generation.
    6. If the Aadhar card is generated, the applicant can download your e-Aadhar and take a print of the same.

Steps to check Aadhar card status without the enrolment number:

  1. When you lost your acknowledgement slip or have you forgotten your enrolment number. Here’s how to check your Aadhar card status without the enrolment number:
  2. First of all, visit the page for Aadhar services ( to retrieve your enrolment number.
  3. Hit on EID/UID options to retrieve your details.
  4. Fill out your name, e-mail address registered mobile number and the security code to send the OTP.
  5. Fill the OTP in the OTP section that is provided on the page and click on “Verify OTP”.
  6. When the verification process is done the enrolment number or the Aadhar number is sent to your registered mobile number or on the e-mail address of the applicant.
  7. By the use of that enrolment number, the applicant can easily check the Aadhar card status.

How to check your Aadhar card status through India post:

  1. After the generation of Aadhar Card and dispatch of the same by UIDAI, it will be sent to the residential address of the applicant through the post within 60 to 90 days.  The status of Aadhar card can be tracked online through India post using the following steps:-
  2. The applicant can visit India Post’s Official Website.
  3. The consignment details received from the Aadhar website shall be entered in the specified columns of Post’s Official Website.
  4. The details of applicant’s Aadhar consignment will be displayed on the website.
  5. The delivery status of Aadhar, the applicant can trach his/her Aadhar number at any India Post branch as well.

FAQs Related to Check your Aadhar Card Status:

Q. I’m already enrolled but now I lost my Aadhar card acknowledgement slip? Should I need to enrol again? Track Aadhar card status after enrolment.

A. No, there is no need to enrol again. You can easily retrieve your Aadhar number, your enrolment number through the Aadhar official website ( ).

Q. What to do if provided URN for Aadhar updation is incorrect according to the website?

A. Applicant should visit at Aadhar enrolment centre and check the status there.  The applicant can also call on Aadhar card status enquiry phone number 1947 and talk to the Aadhar representative.

Q. Retrieve Aadhar number or enrolment number after losing Aadhar card enrolment slip.

A. The Aadhar number or enrolment number can be retrieved through UIDAI’s website. There is no need to enrol again for Aadhar.

Q. Checking Aadhar card status through India post.

A. The details such as enrolment number, date and time of your enrolment can be sent to UIDAI by post. A response by post on the applicant address will be provided soon by UIDAI.

Q. Address of UIDAI to check the status of Aadhar through the post.

A. The applicant can send a letter to the following address.


Post Box No. 99, Banjara Hills,

Hyderabad -500034, India.

Q. Duration for receiving a response about Aadhar card from UIDAI.

A. The Aadhar card will be generated and sent to the applicant’s address within 90 days of the enrolment. The status of Aadhar can be tracked through UIDAI website.

Q. Checking Aadhar card status without a mobile number.

A. The applicant can check the status of Aadhar card without using mobile number by visiting nearest Aadhar Enrolment Centre.

Q. Track Aadhar card enrolment without visiting UIDAI’s website.

A. The applicant can track the status of Aadhar card by calling Aadhar’s toll-free number 1947.

Q. URN number in Aadhar card status.

A. When the applicant goes for updating details in his/her Aadhar, he/she gets an update request number (URN) at the enrolment centre. The applicant can use this URN to track the status of his/her Aadhar card.

Q. Check the lock/unlock status of Aadhar biometric.

A. The applicant can visit UIDAI website and log in to his/her account using Aadhar and OTP to check the status of Aadhar biometrics. Alternatively, the status of Aadhar biometric can be checked by login into applicant’s account through an Aadhar mobile app (mAadhar).

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